Working through my guiding problems

2 thoughts on “Working through my guiding problems”

  1. I did. And I kept meaning to do a followup. I keep changing my setup to keep things fair. In response though, I did get it back. It definitely runs quiet and smooth but I’m not 100% convinced the problem was ever to do with tuning – but it had a fault. The correct, and cheaper action would have been to send it back – but you always end up convinced it’s a problem you’re doing rather than a mechanical failure. The reason I say this is that I wasn’t 100% happy with the mount I had returned – it still exhibited the same fault – but it was much more fluid in all directions. Now maybe an unfortunate coincidence that the same fault (fault in the fact the DEC axis wasn’t behaving) occurred during delivery – but on further inspection myself, it was pretty obvious the DEC gear was slipping. My beef – and I did send it back to Dark Frame who fixed it for me – was that this was painfully obvious and would have been picked up in testing. So was it tested before sending out from Dark Frame? *shrugs*. The result is I have a very slick mount and I’m very happy. Would I been happy with a working, non “go faster Stellar Tuned” mount? Probably.


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